Etobicoke/Toronto - Map of Parks & Diamonds

Updated April 9, 2016
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ETOBICOKE (is part of Toronto): boundaries are Steeles Avenue (Woodbridge) to the north;
Mississauga to the west at Hwy 27/Etobicoke Creek; Humber River (York & North York) to the east; and Lake Ontario to the south;

See below for a complete list of diamonds and directions. Most diamonds on the map are clickable for detailed map and directions.
Map of Etobicoke Slo-Pitch Parks and Slo-Pitch Diamonds Ambleside park Apted Park Beamonde Heights Park Birch Park slopitch park Bloordale Park Bloorlea slopitch park Broad Acres Park Buttonwood Park Centennial slopitch park  Connorvale Park Diamond Beach slopitch park Don Russell Park Eringate slopitch park Esther Lorrie Park Etobicoke Valley Fleetwood slopitch park Forest Glen Park Garnetwood slopitch park Gihon Spring Park Giltspur Park Humberwood Park Jeff Healey Park Lambton-Kingsway Park Magwood Park Maple Leaf Park Marie Curtis Park Martingrove Gardens Max Ward slopitch park Millwood Park Mimico slopitch park Mississauga Valley slopitch park Neilson Park Norseman Heights Park North Humber Park Ourland slopitch park Parkfield Park Lawn slopitch park Queensway Park Raymore slopitch park Rexdale Park Rexlington Park Richview Park Roding Park Rosethorn Park Rotary Park Sentinel Park Silvercreek Park Silverhill slopitch park Smithfield slopitch park Smythe Park Spenvalley Park Stanley Park Summerlea Park Sunnydale Acres Park Tom Riley Park Wellesworth slopitch park West Deane slopitch park Weston Lions Westway Park Wildwood slopitch park toronto slopitch parks mississauga slopitch parks woodbridge slopitch parks

List of Etobicoke Parks and Diamonds

Click park name for map and directions. Not all diamonds are on main map. Diamonds with abbreviation in GREY are not on the main map.
Park Name Abbr Address / Location City/Area
Alexandra Park ALX 275 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5T 2S4;
south-east corner Dundas & Bathurst; two very small diamonds. (not on map)
Ambleside Park AMB Ambleside Avenue, east off of Islington, beside Suon International Academy; small practice diamond. Toronto
Amesbury Park AME 1507 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, ON M6L 1A8; Etobicoke/York;
south side, just west of Keele Street, east of Black Creek Drive; 2 lit and 1 unlit diamond.
Ancaster Park ANC 43 Ancaster Road, Toronto, ON M3K 1S7; north off of Wilson Ave., 4 blocks east of Keele Street, in Downsview/North York. (not on map); small unlit diamond. Toronto
North York
Apted Park APT 50 Apted Ave, Toronto, ON M9L 2P3; near Steeles and Islington;
beside Venerable John Merlini School, 123 Whitfield Ave, Toronto, ON M9L 1G9
Heights Park
BEA Access is from Celandine Road, between Kipling and Islington, north of Albion Road; turn north on Benstrow, right on Taysham. Etobicoke
Birch Park BP 75 Arcadian Circle, Toronto, ON M8Y 2Z5; 28th Street south of Lakeshore, west of Browns Line (behind arena); lit diamond, fence in left field; Etobicoke
Bloordale Park BLD 10 Toledo Road, Toronto, ON M9C 2H3; north side, west off Renforth Drive, south of Burnhamthorpe Road, behind Bloordale Middle School Etobicoke
Bloorlea School BL Beside Bloorlea Middle School, 4050 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke, ON M9B 1M5
North-east corner of Bloor Street and East Mall, entrance is on East Mall just north of Bloor.
Broad Acres BA Beside Broad Acres Public School, 45 Crendon Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9C 3G6
east off Renforth Drive, south of Rathburn, north of Burnhamthorpe Road; 3 small diamonds.
Buttonwood Park BW 30 Mulham Place, north off of Allanhurst Drive, east off Royal York, one block south of Eglinton Avenue. Etobicoke
Centennial Park
CP 256 Centennial Park Rd M9C 5N3, north of Rathburn, west of Renforth; 6 lit diamonds, open field;
Diamond #1 (main diamond) is north, closest to the arena; #2 is far diamond, south-west; #3 is south-east, closest to parking lot; Diamond #4 is listed as Diamond Beach #1; Diamond #5 is listed as Diamond Beach #2; Diamond #6 is Martingrove hardball diamond;
Colonel Samuel
Smith Park
SSP 14th Street, south of Lakeshore; east of Kipling; see also "Samuel Smith Park";
No ball diamond XXX
Connorvale Park CON 281 Rimilton Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M8W 4X6
between Horner and Evans Avenue, west of Kipling, east of Browns Line; lit, fenced hardball diamond.
Coronation Park - Toronto COR 711 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M5V 3T7, Vehicles can enter Coronation Park from Lake Shore Boulevard West at the Strachan Avenue intersection. (not on map) Toronto
Diamond Beach DB 575 Centennial Park Boulevard (beside Mini Indy); one block west of Centennial Park and Centennial Park Drive, two blocks west of Renforth, north off of Rathburn, south of Eglinton; 2 lit diamonds; #1 Lit - east diamond, closest to headquarters (is really Centennial Park diamond #4); #2 Lit - west diamond, furthest from headquarters (is really Centennial Park diamond #5). Etobicoke
Don Russell Park DR 400 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke M8V 3K8; Birmingham Street, south of Horner, west of Kipling. Etobicoke
Eringate Park EG 121 Wellesworth Drive, Etobicoke M9C 4R8; North-east corner of Eringate and Wellesworth, east of Renforth, south of Eglinton; diamond #1 is south, closest to church; #2 is north, past the swimming pool; #3 is small east diamond. Etobicoke
Esther Lorrie Park ELP on West Humber Blvd., north side, two blocks west of Kipling,
between Rexdale Blvd. and Albion Road; unlit diamond.
Etobicoke Valley EV access is from parking lot at 70 Westhead Drive, Toronto, ON M8W 4S5
south of QEW, west of Browns Line, take Westhead north off Horner, or take Gair Drive south of Evans, right on Bissett Avenue, left on Westhead.
Fleetwood Park
FW South side of Burnhamthorpe Road, west of Mill Road, east of Dixie Road; Mississauga 2 lit diamonds; south - lit, fenced, 225 ft; north - hardball diamond; Mississauga
Forest Glen Park
FGL 3545 Fieldgate Drive; east side, south off of Burnhamthorpe Road, just north of Ponytrail, north of Bloor Street; Forest Glen Park is located next to Glen Forest Secondary School, 3575 Fieldgate Drive, Mississauga, ON L4X 1V5; one unlit diamond, unfenced; Mississauga
GW North side of Burnhamthorpe Road, west of Mill Road, Mississauga
across the street from Fleetwood Park.
Gihon Spring Park GIH On Gihon Spring Drive, south side, east off of Martin Grove Road, one block south of Steeles Avenue, or south off of Steeles, one block east of Martin Grove Etobicoke
Giltspur Park GS 85 Magellan Drive, North York, ON M3L 1T3
east off Jane Street, south of Sheppard Avenue, North York.
North York
Hollycrest School HC 630 Renforth Dr, Toronto, ON M9C 2N6
west side of Renforth Drive, south of Eglinton, diamond not there ???
Humberwood Park HW 850 Humberwood Blvd., Etobicoke, ON M9W 7A6
east side; north off of Rexdale; just east of 427; lit diamond.
Jeff Healey Park JHP Address listed is 16 Daniels Street, but access is end of Delroy Drive, west off Royal York, north of the Queensway, Etobicoke M8Y 1L7. Etobicoke
Keelesdale North Park KDN Access is Black Creek Drive, east side, just north of Eglinton Ave,
address listed is 2801 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 5B4; one lit "A" diamond.
Toronto York
Keelesdale South Park KDS 2801 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6M 5B4
south side, just east of Black Creek Drive, York/Toronto; one unlit diamond.
Toronto York
Lambton-Kingsway Park LKP 525 Prince Edward Drive N, Toronto, ON M8X 2M6
east side, south off Dundas Street, east of Royal York, Etobicoke.
Lavington Park MGG on Lavington Drive, east off Martingrove Road, south of Dixon Road; 3 unlit diamonds; also known as Martingrove Gardens; also known as Lloyd McConnie Memorial Fields.. Etobicoke
Magwood Park MAG 1 Pasadena Gardens, Toronto, ON M6S 4B3
west of Jane Street, south of Dundas.
Maple Leaf Park ML 320 Culford Road, south of Falstaff, east of Jane Street, south of Hwy 401. Toronto
Marie Curtis Park MCP 2 Forty Second St, Toronto, ON M8W 3P2, south-west corner at Lakeshore Road East, Marie Curtis Park is situated on both banks of the Etobicoke Creek; no diamonds ??? Etobicoke
MGG on Lavington Drive, east off Martingrove Road, south of Dixon Road; 3 diamonds; also known as Lavington Park; also known as Lloyd McConnie Memorial Fields. Etobicoke
Max Ward Park
MX North side of Matheson Blvd. E, west of Orbitor, north of Eglinton; Mississauga; 2 lit diamonds, fenced; diamond #1 is far, north diamond; diamond #2 is south diamond, closest to the parking lot. Mississauga
Millwood Park MILL 222 Mill Road, Toronto, ON M9C 1Y2
north-west corner Mill Road & Bloor St West, Etobicoke.
Mimico Park MP 75 Hillside Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M4K 2M6, at George Street, east off Royal York,
between QEW & Lakeshore, just south of Judson.
Mississauga Valley
MV 1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard, west off of Central Parkway; just north of Bloor Street, east of Hurontario/Hwy 10; parking lot take the driveway west behind the arena; diamond #1 is hardball diamond, center diamond; diamond #2 is lit diamond, east diamond, to the left; diamond #3 is no longer there; Mississauga
Neilson Park
NPE 56 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1V7
south off Bloor, or north off Dundas, west of West Mall, Etobicoke.
Norseman Heights Park NOR Behind Norseman Jr Middle School, 105 Norseman St, Toronto, ON M8Z 2R1
south-west corner of Chartwell and Norseman, east off Islington Avenue, south of Bloor Street.
North Humber Park NH 2901 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2
east side of Kipling Avenue, at Markbrook Lane.
Ourland Park OUR 36 Ourland Avenue, Etobicoke M8Z 4E1; south of Evans, north of Judson,
east of Islington Avenue; lit diamond, hardball mound.
Parkfield School PF 31 Redgrave Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9R 3T9; West side of Martin Grove Road, across from the Westway, north of Eglinton Avenue, beside Westgrove Park Etobicoke
Parklawn Park PL 340 Park Lawn Road, Etobicoke M8Y 3K4;
north-west corner of Park Lawn and Berry Road, north of the Queensway.
Queensway Park QWY 8 Avon Park Drive, Etobicoke, ON M6N 3W7
north off the Queensway, west of Royal York, Etobicoke.
Raymore Park RM 93 Raymore Drive, Etobicoke M9P 1W9; at the end of Raymore Drive, east off Scarlett Road, south of Lawrence; 2 unlit diamonds, open field; one diamond is unplayable, trees in left field; softball diamond is a long walk through the park, away from the parking lot; Do not cross the bridge (over the bridge is Weston Park). Etobicoke
Rexdale Park RXD 143 Elmhurst Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9W 2K5; west off Islington, between Rexdale Blvd & Albion Road. Etobicoke
Rexlington Park RXL 70 Bergamot Ave, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1V9; near Bergamot; west off Islington, north of Rexdale Blvd. Etobicoke
Richview Park RVP Beside College of Toronto, 59 Clement Road, Toronto, ON M9R 1Y5, east off Martin Grove, north of Eglinton; for south diamond, park off Woodicombe Hill Blvd, north off of Eglinton, one block east of Martin Grove. Etobicoke
Richview School RVP Now College of Toronto, 59 Clement Road, Toronto, ON M9R 1Y5, beside Richview Park, east off Martin Grove, north of Eglinton. Etobicoke
Roding Park ROD Roding Community Centre, 600 Roding Street, Toronto, ON M3M 2A5, west side, south off of Tavistock, west off of Keele St, north of Wilson (no access from Wilson). Toronto
Rosethorn Park RTH Access at 111 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1R6, south side of Rathburn, just east of Kipling, beside Rosethorn Junior School. Etobicoke
Rotary Park ROT 25 Eleventh Street, Etobicoke, ON M8V 3G3, at Lakeshore Road south side, between 10th Street and 11th Street; west of Islington; east of Kipling. Etobicoke
Samuel Smith Park SSP 14th Street, south of Lakeshore; east of Kipling; see also "Samuel Smith Park";
No ball diamond XXX
Sentinel Park SEN 315 Sentinel Road, east side, south off of Finch, east of Jane. Toronto
Silvercreek Park SC 65 Hartsdale Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9R 2S8;
take Wincott Drive, north off of Eglinton Ave; west of Islington Ave.
Silverhill Park SH Lynford Drive, Etobicoke M9B 1H6; south side of Lynnford Drive, east off East Mall, south of Bloor, north of Dundas (beside Cloverdale Mall). Etobicoke
Smithfield Park SF East side of Martin Grove Road, north of Albion Road; lit diamond; unfenced. Etobicoke
Smythe Park SMP 175 Scarlett Road, Toronto, ON M6N 5A6, Black Creek Trail east off Scarlett Road, south of Eglinton, north of St Clair, west of Jane. Toronto
Spenvalley Park SPV 130 Spenvalley Drive, Toronto, ON M3L 2M9, park at Blessed Margherita of Citta Castello Separate School, east off of Jane, north of Sheppard. Toronto
Stanley Park ST 25 Stanley Road, Toronto, ON M3N 1C2, south-west corner of Jane Street, north of Sheppard. Toronto
Summerlea Park SUM 2 Arcot Blvd, Toronto, ON M9W 2N6
north-east corner at Albion Road, east of Islington, north of 401.
Sunnydale Acres Park SUN 50 Amoro Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4S3 - Etobicoke; near S of &
west of Kipling, east of Martin Grove, south of Westhumber.
Tom Riley Park TRP Islington Avenue, east side, south of Dundas Street,
lit baseball diamond, also known as Thomas Riley Park.
Wellesworth Park WW 55 Dixfield Drive, Etobicoke M9C 4J2; Wellesworth Avenue, west off the West Mall or south off Eringate, east of Renforth Drive; unlit diamond; Etobicoke
Wellesworth School WW 225 Wellesworth Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9C 4S5; west off the West Mall or south off Eringate, east of Renforth Drive; unlit diamond; Etobicoke
West Deane Park WD 400 Martin Grove Road, Etobicoke M9B 4M1; west side of Martin Grove Road, south of Eglinton, north of Rathburn; 2 diamonds; one lit, open field; one unlit, small field. Etobicoke
West Humber
Jr School
SUN West Humber Junior Middle School, 15 Delsing Dr, Toronto, ON M9W 4S7, beside Sunnydale Acres Park, west of Kipling, east of Martin Grove, south of Westhumber. Etobicoke
Westgrove Park PF See Parkfield School, 31 Redgrave Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9R 3T9, west side of Martin Grove Road, across from the Westway, north of Eglinton Avenue. Etobicoke
Weston Lions Park WL 2125 Lawrence Ave West M9N 1H7; behind Weston Lions Arena,
south of Lawrence Avenue, east of Scarlett Road, Weston.
Westway Park WWP 175 The Westway, Etobicoke, ON M9P 2C2;
south-east corner at Islington Ave, between Eglinton and Dixon Rd.
Wildwood Park
WP 3430 Derry Road East, Mississauga/Malton; south side at south-west of corner Goreway Drive / Disco Road; take 427 north to Derry Road, take Derry Road west, 2 lit diamonds, one fenced; Dia #1 is far diamond, lit, unfenced; Dia #2 is close diamond, lit, fenced; Mississauga

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