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Updated October 4, 2008
RSPA 2008 Schedule & Results
RSPA 2008 League Standings & Divisions
RSPA 2008 Results & Scores (completed weeks)

Week 1 - May 8-9 Week 2 - May 12-16 Week 3 - May 19-23 Week 4 - May 26-30 Week 5 - June 2-6
RSPA Slo-Pitch Tournament - June 7-8, 2008
Week 6 - June 9-13 Week 7 - June 16-20
Week 8 - June 23-27 Week 9 - June 30-July 4 Week 10 - July 7-11 Week 11 - July 14-18
RSPA Volleyball Night - Friday, July 18, 2008 at Diamond Beach
Week 12 - July 21-25
RSPA Slo-Pitch Tournament - July 26-27, 2008
Week 13 - July 28-Aug 1 Week 14 - Aug 4-8
RSPA Slo-Pitch Tournament - August 9-10, 2008
Week 15 - Aug 11-15
RSPA All-Star Night - Friday, August 15
Week 16 - Aug 18-22 Week 17 - Aug 25-29 Week 18 - Sept 1-5 Week 19 - Sept 8-12 Week 20 - Sept 15-19
Week 21 - Sept 22-26 Week 22 - Sept 29 - Oct 3
No game dates - dates with no games;

RSPA Banquet Saturday, October 18 & Saturday, October 25
The RSPA 2008 Awards Banquet and Dance is scheduled to be split into two great nights;
Saturday, October 18 will be scheduled for divisions from Int-5 to Rec;
Saturday, October 25 will be scheduled for divisions from Int-4 to Comp;
Teams may switch dates if they prefer, and teams or individual players may attend both dates.

The season ending banquet with open bar, all you can eat buffet; lots of door prizes
at the same great location! - Westwood Banquet Hall
90 Woodbine Downs, Upstairs map
(North-west corner of Woodbine Downs Blvd. and Carrier Drive)

Door Prizes --- Doors Open at 6:30 pm ---
Dinner at 8:00 pm SHARP! --- Dance: 9:30 - 1:00 am
Grand Prize Drawn at 12:00 Midnite; must be a player or a coach to win grand prize; must be there to claim it;
Awards for all Division Playoff Champions, must be there to claim them;
Tickets: $40.00 per person -- open bar, all you can drink; buffet, all you can eat;
Electronic tickets (pdf) will be e-mailed to each team or tickets may be picked up at the door;
All tickets must be pre-booked and confirmed;
each team must guarantee and pay for SIX (6) tickets;

A great party to end the season with great food, drinks, dancing and door prizes!
Main door prize is a large screen HD TV at each banquet!
Last year, Scott Andrews from Last Call won the first 50" plasma HD TV,
and Chris Parker from A-Team won the second 50" plasma HD TV;
The best party of the year!!!
for more info: RSPA Banquet Info

RSPA 2008 season ends
The RSPA 2008 season ends the rainiest baseball season in history; Division champions are:

Game Over - 2208 League Champions

Bats - Int-5-Tu Division winners
    Comp: Game Over; photo Int-1: S&M Flyers; Int-2: Screwballz; Int-3: Scared Hitless; Int-4: Strone Restorations;
Int-W-1: Ball Snatchers; Int-5-M: Mississauga Manglers; Int-5-Tu: Bats; photo Int-W-2: Channel 4 News;
Int-6-Th: Big Red Machine; Int-6-M: Drunken Rookies; Int-6-Tu: Tuxedo Tees; Int-7-W: BDO Ballbreakers; Int-7-Th: Sauga Bulldogs;
Rec-Mon: Master Batters; Rec-Tue: Priszm (Area 101); Rec-Wed: Vandelay; Rec-Thu: DB Dodgers;
send in your team photo and I will add it;

Week 22: September 29-October 3, 2008Click park name for map
Day   Date     Park   Time Visitors W/L Home W/L Score Umpire
Mon Sept 29 Meadowvale-3 6:30 2nd Campus L 1st Master Batters W 17-23 BrianB
Mon Sept 29 Meadowvale-3 8:00 1st Master Batters W 2nd Campus L 19-12 BrianB
Rec-Mon Playoffs Finals: 1st Master Batters beats 2nd Campus to win the Rec-Mon division title;
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-N 6:30 2nd 427 Fury (TH) L 1st Bats (TH) W 12-13 BrianB
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-N 8:00 1st Bats (TH) W 2nd 427 Fury (TH) L 12-11 BrianB
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-N 9:30 2nd 427 Fury (TH) L 1st Bats (TH) W 6-7 BrianB
Int-5-Tu Playoffs Finals: 1st Bats fights back to beat 2nd 427 Fury in 3 very close games and extra innings to win the division title;
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-S 6:30 2nd Energy Elite (TH) W 1st Priszm/Area 101 (TH) L 9-7 JoelM
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-S 8:00 1st Priszm/Area 101 (TH) W 2nd Energy Elite (TH) L 13-10 JoelM
Tue Sept 30 Max Ward-S 9:30 2nd Energy Elite (TH) L 1st Priszm/Area 101 (TH) W 6-14 JoelM
Rec-Tue Playoffs Finals: 1st Priszm/Area 101 takes 3 games to beat 2nd Energy Elite to win the Rec-Tue division title;
Wed Oct 1 Max Ward-N 6:30 2nd Vandelay W 1st Kubs L 9-8 AndyB
Rec-Wed Playoffs Finals: 2nd Vandelay wins a close game 3 over 1st Kubs to win the Rec-Wed division title;
Wed Oct 1 Max Ward-S 6:30 5th S&M Flyers (TH) W 2nd Mixed Nutz (TH) L 13-12 RobO
Wed Oct 1 Max Ward-S 8:00 2nd Mixed Nutz (TH) W 5th S&M Flyers (TH) L 18-11 RobO
Wed Oct 1 Max Ward-S 9:30 5th S&M Flyers (TH) W 2nd Mixed Nutz (TH) L 25-8 RobO
Int-1 Playoffs Finals: 5th S&M Flyers takes 3 games to beat 2nd Mixed Nutz to win the Int-1 division title;
Thu Oct 2 Max Ward-N 7:30 4th Game Over (DH) L 1st Cardinals (DH) Comp Finals
Thu Oct 2 Max Ward-N 9:00 1st Cardinals (DH) L 4th Game Over (DH) Comp Finals
Comp Finals: 4th Game Over beats 1st Cardinals to win the RSPA Comp Championship;
Fri Oct 3 Max Ward-S 6:30 Mississauga Manglers (TH) 1st Skidmarks (TH) Int-5M Finals game 1 RobO
Fri Oct 3 Max Ward-S 8:00 1st Skidmarks (TH) Mississauga Manglers (TH) Int-5M Finals game 2 RobO
Fri Oct 3 Max Ward-S 9:30 Mississauga Manglers (TH) 1st Skidmarks (TH) Int-5M Finals game 3 if nec
Int-5M Playoffs Finals: Mississauga Manglers takes 3 games to beat Skidmarks to win the Int-5M division title;
The RSPA 2008 season ends;
RSPA 2008 League Standings & Divisions

RSPA Parks:
AB Park Name Location City Map
BLBloorlea School East Mall, east side, at north-east corner of Bloor Street and East Mall; Etobicoke map
CP-2Centennial Park #3 Centennial Park Road, west side (south parking lot); north off of Rathburn, one block west of Renforth; Etobicoke map
CCCentury City Park Terry Fox Drive, east side, north off of Eglinton, west of Mavis Road; Mississauga map
CVCity View Park Central Parkway, north side; at Grand Parkway; west of Hwy 10; one block east of Mavis; Mississauga map
DBDiamond Beach Centennial Park Boulevard (beside Mini Indy); one block west of Centennial Park and Centennial Park Drive, two blocks west of Renforth, north off of Rathburn, south of Eglinton; Etobicoke map
DUNDunton Park Kennedy Road, west side, just north of the Hwy 401 (no Kennedy ramp to 401); diamond #1 is close diamond (lit), to the left; diamond #2 is the far diamond (lit) to the left; Mississauga map
FWFleetwood Park Burnhamthorpe Road, south side; east of Dixie Road; west of Mill Road; near Etobicoke-Mississauga border; close, fenced diamond; lit; diamond closest to the street; Mississauga map
FWGarnetwood Park Burnhamthorpe Road, NORTH side; (across the street from Fleetwood Park); east of Dixie Road; west of Mill Road; near Etobicoke-Mississauga border; unlit; diamond; Mississauga map
KNPKnotty Pine Park Knotty Pine Ave, runs west off of Mavis Road, 4 or 5 blocks north of Derry Road, just south of Hwy 407; unlit; Mississauga map
MXMax Ward Park Matheson Blvd, north side, just west of Orbitor Drive, north of Eglinton; west of Renforth; diamond #1 is north (far) diamond; diamond #2 is south diamond closest to the parking lot; lit; fenced; Mississauga map
MVLMeadowvale Sports Park On Meadowvale Blvd, north side, west off Mississauga Road, two blocks north of the 401; lit;
MVL-2 is diamond #2 (Thursday nights); MVL-3 is diamond #3 - (Monday nights); take Meadowvale Blvd to Rapistan Court; to the end of the street, parking lot; walk through the trees to diamond #3;
Mississauga map
MIMMimico Park Hillside Street and George Street, one block east of Royal York; take Hillside east off of Royal York; 4 blocks north of Lakeshore; unlit; Etobicoke map
MVMississauga Valley Park Mississauga Valley Boulevard, south side; west off of Central Parkway; just north of Bloor Street, between Cawthra & Hwy 10; parking lot behind the building to your right;
MV-2 is diamond #2 is lit diamond, (Thursday, Friday); straight ahead, slightly to the left; MV-3 is diamond #3, unlit, way back, take path to the right, past the picnic area;
Mississauga map
MCMount Charles Park Cardiff Blvd., north side, north off Derry Road, west of Dixie Road - 2 lit diamonds ; Mississauga map
OLOurland Park Ourland Park is on Avenue, south off of Evans, or north off of Judson, east of Islington Avenue; lit diamond; Etobicoke map
PLParklawn Park. Berry Road, north side, just west of Park Lawn, east of Prince Edward Drive, south of the Queensway; lit diamond; Wednesday night; Etobicoke map
RMRaymore Park. Raymore Drive, east off Scarlett Road, just south of Lawrence; Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur; Etobicoke map
SHSilverhill Park Lynnford Drive, south side, west off of East Mall, south of Bloor, north of Dundas; Tuesday; Etobicoke map
SFSmithfield Park Martingrove Road, east side, north of Albion, south of Steeles and 407; lit diamond; Monday; Tuesday; Thursday; Etobicoke map
SYNSyntex Green Park Syntex Court, north off of Derry Road, west of Mississauga Road, north of Hwy 401; Mississauga map
WD-LWest Deane Park Martingrove Road, west side; south of Eglinton; north of Rathburn Road; diamond "-L" or diamond #1 is lit diamond, closest to the street; diamond #2 is far, unlit diamond; Etobicoke map
WPWildwood Park Derry Road, south-west corner of Goreway Drive / Disco Road; take 427 north to Derry Road, take Derry Road west; the park is behind the Malton arena (use the arena parking lot to get into the park). The parks are not visible from the street; 2 lit diamonds, one fenced; WP-1 is far unfenced diamond; WP-2 is close, fenced diamond; Mississauga map
WWWellesworth Park Wellesworth Avenue, west off the West Mall; or south off Eringate, east of Renforth Drive; Etobicoke map
LAVLavington Park Lavington Drive, east off Martingrove Road, south of Dixon Road (not on main map); 3 diamonds; (also known as Martingrove Gardens Park); practice only; Etobicoke map

For Park maps and complete directions, refer to RSPA Parks & Maps

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