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Updated January 2, 2015
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List of Ajax Parks

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Park Name Abbr Address / Location City/Area
Ajax Community Centre ACC 75 Centennial Rd., Ajax, Ontario L1S 3R3; on Centennial Road, east off of Monarch, south of Bayly Street East; Slo-pitch diamond (lit); baseball diamond (lit); Ajax
Ajax Sportsplex ASP 1803-1843 Audley ROAd, Ajax, ON L1Z 1V6; southeast corner at Taunton Road; five ball diamonds; also known as "Audley Sports Park"; Ajax
Betty Bujold Park BBP Behind Roberta Bondar Public School, 25 Sullivan Drive, Ajax, ON L1T 3L3 Ajax
Applecroft Park APP Behind Applecroft Public School, 55 Coles Ave, Ajax, ON L1T 3H5
south off Magill (Ajax Market Place/Loes Plaza), east of Westney Road North, north of Kingston Rd.
Cedar Park CED Cedar Park, 1 Cedar Street, Ajax, ON L1S 1T9
just north of 401, east of Harwood Avenue S; 3 diamonds.
Country Lane Park CLP 3145 Country Lane, Whitby, ON behind Captain Michael Vandenbos Public School, 3121 Country Lane, Whitby, ON Whitby
Dennis O'Connor Park DOC Dennis O'Connor Park, Mandrake Street, north side, Ajax, ON L1S Ajax
Forest Ridge Park FOR Todd Road, Ajax, ON L1T 4C4;
north side, south of Delaney, west of Church Street
Hermitage Park HER Behind Lincoln Alexander Public School, 95 Church Street North, Ajax, ON L1T 2W4
east side, north of Kingston Road.
Lester B. Pearson Park LBP 21 Coughlen Street, Ajax, ON L1T 2M9; behind Lester B. Pearson Public School; west off of Westney Road; one block south of Rossland Road; Ajax
Lord Elgin Park LEP Beside Lord Elgin Public School, 24 Ontario St, Ajax, ON L1S 1T6
west off Harwood Avenue South, south of Kingston Road, north of 401.
McLean Community Centre MCL 95 Magill Drive, Ajax, ON L1T 3K7;
Westney Road north of Highway 2; two adult-size lit slo-pitch diamonds;
Memorial Park MEM Church Street, Ajax, ON L1T 3A7; west side; take 401 to Westney Road N; north to Kingston Rd (Hwy 2); turn left to Church St (second lights) and turn right (north). Ajax
Miles Park MIL Behind Cadarackque School, 15 Miles Drive, Ajax, ON L1Z 1C7
take Chambers Drive, east off Salem Road South, one block south of Kingston Road.
Miller's Creek Park MCP Westney Road. Ajax, ON L1T 4M5; on east side; take 401 to Westney Road north; north past one set of lights, hydro transformer on right is entrance to parking lot, ball diamond across creek; north & south diamonds; Ajax
Roland Michener Park RMP Beside Roland Michener Public School, 95 Ritchie Ave, Ajax, ON L1S 6S2;
south side, east off Westney Road South, one block south of Kingston Road.
St. Andrews Park SAP Behind St. Andrews Community Centre, 46 Exeter Rd Ajax, ON L1S 2J8
one block east of Harwood Avenue S, take Kings Crescent, just south of 401.
St. Patricks Park STP Behind St Patrick Catholic School, 280 Delaney Dr, Ajax, ON L1T 3N5
south side, two blocks east of Church Street N, between Rossland and Kingston Road.
Beer Store BEER The Beer Store, 95 Commercial Ave, Ajax, ON L1S 2H3 - map
The Beer Store, 75 Kingston Rd E, Ajax, ON L1S 7J4 - map
The Beer Store, 1953 Ravenscroft Rd, Ajax, ON L1T 0K4 - ‎ map
LCBO Liquor Store LCBO LCBO, Baywood Centre, 105 Bayly St W, Ajax, ON L1S 7K7 - ‎ map
LCBO, 1979 Salem Rd, Ajax, ON L1T 0J9 - ‎ map
LCBO, 104-40 Kingston Rd E, Ajax, ON L1Z 1E9 - map

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