Map - Mimico Park - Etobicoke

Updated February 18, 2013

MIM - Mimico Park - Etobicoke south-east
Hillside Avenue, East off Royal York Road, south of QEW, between QEW & Lakeshore; Etobicoke; 1 unlit diamond;

Recommended Ground Rules:
  1. Trees in right field: any ball hitting the trees in right field - ground rule double.
  2. any ball on the ground to the street - dead ball, ground rule triple.
  3. any ball to the street in the air.- home run (out of play)
  4. Home run rule is in effect.balls hit out of play (on the street)
  5. Mimico Park - trees in centre field, ball is live and in play
  6. umpires discretion, which trees are right field and which are centre field.
  7. any ball hit into the playground equipment in left field - ground rule triple.

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