Niagara - Map of Parks & Diamonds

Updated December 12, 2013

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Map A - Virgil;        Map B - Joseph McCaffery Park, St. Catharines;        Map C - Port Colborne;        Map D - Stevensville Loyalist Park;

List of Niagara Parks

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HEADQUARTERS: Patrick Cummings Memorial Park - Chippawa
Patrick Cummings Memorial Park; 6 diamonds; (formerly Niagara South Arena)
Arena/headquarters entrance (for diamonds #5-6): 9000 Sodom Road, Niagara Falls ON L2E 6S6
East park entrance (for diamonds #1-4): 8977 Willoughby Drive, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7Y4; south of Weinbrenner Road, Chippawa;
A.G. Bridge AGB 6617 Culp St, Niagara Falls L2G 2C3; Culp Street at Carlton, between Franklin and Corwin; Niagara Falls
A.N. Myer High School ANM 6338 O'Neill St, Niagara Falls L2J 1M7;
enter off Huggins Street, west off Portage/Drummond Road;
Niagara Falls
Basil Reid Park BRP behind the City of Thorold Fire Station #2 on Allanburg Road;
west off of Davis Road, just north of Lundys Lane;
Niagara Falls
Cherrywood Acres CAS Cherrywood Acres School; 4635 Pettit Ave, Niagara Falls L2E 6L4; Niagara Falls
Chippawa Lions Firehall CLF Chippawa Lions Firehall; 8671 Banting Ave, Chippawa L2G 6Z7; 2 diamonds; Chippawa
Elizabeth Street Complex
Thomas A Lannan S.C.
ESC East Side Complex; Elizabeth Street Complex; Thomas A Lannan Sports Complex;
550 Elizabeth St, Port Colborne L3K 5W3; south-west corner of Hwy 3 and Elizabeth Street;
Port Colborne
Glenview Park GVW Leader Lane, north side, east off of Victoria Avenue; north of Bridge Street; Niagara Falls
Greendale School GRS 5504 Montrose Rd, Niagara Falls L2H 1K7;
north-east corner Montrose Road at Greendale;
Niagara Falls
Gus Monroe Park GMP 8195 Rideau St, Niagara Falls L2H 2E1; Kalar Road at Westwood; Niagara Falls
Houck Park HPK Arthur Street at Kingston Avenue, Niagara Falls;
between Stanley and Portage; 2 diamonds;
Niagara Falls
John N. Allen Park JAP 6980 Kalar Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2T7; east side, north of McLeod Road; 2 diamonds; Niagara Falls
Johnson Park JSP 5677 Emery St, Niagara Falls L2G 1L6, west of Stanley, east of Temperance; 2 diamonds; Niagara Falls
Joseph McCaffery JMAC Joseph McCaffery Sports Park; 61 Vansickle Road, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3W4;
4 diamonds;
St. Catharines
Kerr Park KPK 3438 Sinnicks Ave, Niagara Falls L2J 2G4; east side; north of Thorold Stone Road;
4 diamonds;
Niagara Falls
Lester B. Pearson LBP 2999 Dorchester Rd, Niagara Falls L2J 2Z9; next to Mary Ward Catholic School; Niagara Falls
Loyalist Park
LOY 2700 Ott Road, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0; west side, north of Main Street; Stevensville
Oakes Park OPK 5700 Morrison St, Niagara Falls L2E 2E9; south-west corner at Stanley Avenue; Niagara Falls
Palmer Park PPK 4333 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls L2E 4Z4; east side; just south of Thorold Stone Road;
3 diamonds;
Niagara Falls
Patrick Cummings
Memorial Park
PC Headquarters: Patrick Cummings Memorial Park; (formerly Niagara South Arena)
Arena/HQ entrance (for diamonds #5-6): 9000 Sodom Road, Niagara Falls ON L2E 6S6
East entrance (for diamonds #1-4): 8977 Willoughby Drive, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7Y4
south of Weinbrenner Road, Chippawa;
Port Colborne
Lions Field Park
PCL Port Colborne Lions Field Park;
148 Killaly Street West, Port Colborne L3K 4T9;
Port Colborne
Prince Charles Park PCH 6387 Arad Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2Z7; Niagara Falls
Riverview Park RVP 3148 Cattell Drive, Niagara Falls L2G 6M9, Chippawa; Chippawa
Rotary Club
Port Colborne
RC Port Colborne Rotary Club; (also known as West Side Arena);
54 West Side Road, Port Colborne, ON L3K 3W7;
Port Colborne
Virgil Centennial Arena VCA Virgil Centennial Arena; 1565 Four Mile Creek Rd, Virgil L0S 1J0;
Virgil/Niagara-on-the-Lake; 3 diamonds;
Westlane High School WHS 5960 Pitton Rd, Niagara Falls L2H 1T5; at Ethel Street; Niagara Falls

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