Woodbridge Map of Parks & Diamonds

Updated March 22, 2018
Woodbridge is a large suburban community in the City of Vaughan, just north of Toronto.
Situated west of Hwy 400 and east of Hwy 50, north of Steeles Ave, and south of Major MacKenzie Drive West.

Woodbridge - List of Parks & Diamonds

Park Name Abbr Address/Location City/Area
George Stegman
(Immaculate Conception)
GST Located behind Immaculate Conception Catholic School On Aberdeen Drive; Woodbridge
Giovanni Caboto GCAB Blue Willow Drive, behind Blue Willow Public Elementary School Woodbridge
Klienburg Bindertwine KBT Located on Stegman Mill road on the East side of Islington within the town of Klienburg; Klienburg
Napa Valley NAPA Located at Napa Valley Drive and Rutherford Road. The diamond is located West of Islington Road; Woodbridge
Nobleton Arena NOB Located at the corner of Hwy 27 and King Side Road on the south east side. Diamonds are located behind the Nobleton arena; softball diamond & hardball diamond; Nobleton
Nort Johnson
Woodbridge Arena
NJSN Located at the North West corner of Hwy 7 and Islington behind the Woodbridge Arena complex; Woodbridge
Tudor Park TUD Woodbridge
Vaughan Grove VG VG - Vaughan Grove Diamond Complex - (Softball diamond #1, 2, 3, 4) Located on the east side of Martingrove just south of Hwy #7 and north of Steeles. (beside Holly Cross highschool). Woodbridge
Weston Downs WD Greenpark Blvd; Woodbridge
Woodbridge College WDB Located on Bruce street, behind Woodbridge College school. Bruce street is located inbetween Islington and Pinevalley on Hwy 7; Woodbridge