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RSPA Slo-Pitch 2000 Banquet & Awards Dance
Updated: December 1, 2000

The 2000 RSPA Slo-Pitch Banquet and Awards Dance was a great success!
Here are some of the photos from that night.
Please accept my apology if I didn't add your name (or put the wrong name!)
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If you have any photos to be posted, send them to me.

We are looking for input about where the banquet should be held for next year.
Please e-mail me at:

Rippit won the RSPA Championship "A" Division.
Andrew Salamon and Derek Dietrich accepting the awards

Tigers won the RSPA Consolation "B" Division.
Randy Warren presenting to Mack Meloche.

Black Widows recruiting Andrew of Rippit for next year ???

RobArts Rage enjoyed the party!!!

Tigers - Mack, Julie, Bryan

Black Widows

Carol and Paul from Wolverines

Connie and Pat from Sharks

Congratulions to Rob Garvie from Scroggs
and his fiancee Pam for their recent engagement!

Team HMV Bassball
That's not a typo - "Bassball" is their team name!
Would they rather be fishing ???

Umpire Jim Gourlay
send all mail to

Umpire Steve Sawicky
Send all mail to care of Jim Gourlay

Umpire Dave Roberts was out
having a smoke during picture time.

Sound familiar ???

Umpire Drazen Simijonovic
- not exactly as illustrated.

Randy Warren and Jody from Rippit
E-mail me if you want to see a better picture of Jody.

Rich and Jimmy from Wolverines, Joe from Scroggs

Jimmy McNeil from Wolverines
- Fashion 101 drop-out

Rich / Scruff from Wolverines.

He dropped out too.

Stacey and Gillian from team S.O.S.

Stacey from team S.O.S.
I tried to blackmail her with this picture.

Spiro Skarlatakis
Coach of the Champions "Skater Sharks"

Teklynx Eclipse

Ursula from Scroggs

Ursula and Gil from Scroggs

Black Widows

My apologies if I missed somebody's name or got a name wrong.
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A great time was held by all who attended the RSPA 2000 Banquet

Be sure to attend the 2001 Banquet tentatively scheduled for
Friday, October 19, 2001 We are looking for input about where the banquet should be held for next year.
Please e-mail me at:

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