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Updated December 28, 2014
Dundas is a formerly independent town and now constituent community in the city of Hamilton.

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Map of Dundas Slo-Pitch Parks & Slo-Pitch Diamonds EDWD DUND MART OLSP VACC VETP COPE LIQ BS

List of Dundas Parks

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Park Name Abbr Address / Location City/Area
Copetown Lions
Park - Dundas
COPE 1950 Governor's Road, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9H 5E3 1/2 km east of Hwy 52, Dundas;
Copetown Lions Park has a Community Centre, softball fields.
Dundas Driving Park DUND 71 Cross Street, Dundas.; Dundas Driving Park is a popular sports park with several softball fields. Dundas
Edwards Park
EDWD 55 Mercer Street, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9H 2N6;
by Larraine Avenue, Dundas; Edwards Park has 2 softball fields.
Memorial Park
MART 147 King Street East, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9H 7P8
home of Dundas Little League Baseball, Volunteer field, two softball fields, shelters, washrooms.
Olympic Sports
Park - Dundas
OLSP 70 Olympic Drive, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9C 6Z3
west side, south of York Road, north of Cootes Drive, Dundas.
Valley Community
Centre - Dundas
VACC 287 Old Guelph Road, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9H 5W6
north off of York Road, west of Hwy 6; 2 softball fields.
Veterans Park
VETP 105 Huntingwood Avenue, Dundas/Hamilton, ON L9H 6X8
north side, north of Governors Road, east of Davidson Blvd.; 2 softball fields.
Volunteer Field VOLF 147 King Street East, Hamilton, ON L9H 7P8
Located in Dundas, as part of Martino Memorial Park; regulation size baseball diamond.
Beer Store BS 55 Cootes Dr, Dundas, ON L9H 1B5 ‎ Dundas
Liquor Store Liq LCBO, 13A-119 Osler Dr, Dundas, ON L9H 6X4 ‎ Dundas

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