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RSPA 2011 Final Standings
last updated: November 6, 2011

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RSPA 2011 Final Standings & Playoff Divisions
Comp playoffs
Comp Playoff Chart
1st Hawks beat 2nd Mixed Nutz to win the RSPA Comp Championship!
Comp Final Standings:
Hawks; Mixed Nutz; Storm; Cardinals; RobArts Rage; Naturals; NLM; Screwballz;
Int-1 Playoffs 1st Born Stars takes a close game 3 over 3rd Flaming Arifs to win the Int-1 division!
Int-1 Final Standings:
Born Stars; Flaming Arifs; Booty Pirates; Massive Hits; Ball Snatchers; Boozehounds;
Mon-1 Playoffs 3rd Road Warriors takes a close game 3 over 1st Rampage to win Mon-1 division!
Mon-1 Final Standings:
Road Warriors; Rampage; Electrolux; Winners; Drunken Rookies; Vicious & Delicious;
Mon-2 Playoffs 5th Not All There beats 3rd Bridge Batz to win the Mon-2 division!
Mon-2 Final Standings:
Not All There; Bridge Batz; Woodies; Pirates; Crazy Canucks;
Mon-Rec-1 Playoffs 4th Sons of Pitches beats 3rd B-19 Bombers to win Mon-Rec-1 division!
Mon-Rec-1 Final Standings:
Sons of Pitches; B-19 Bombers; Untouch-A-Balls; Bunt n Grind;
Mon-Rec-2 Playoffs 1st Bats n Hoes fights back to beat 2nd Our Pitcher Quit and win the Mon-Rec-2 division!
Mon-Rec-2 Final Standings:
Bats n Hoes; Our Pitcher Quit; St Georges Dragoons; Showstoppers; Corrugate Kings; TF;
Tue-1 Playoffs 3rd Nutz & Boltz beats 1st McGlovins to win the Tue-1 division!
Tue-1 Final Standings:
Nutz & Boltz; McGlovins; Attack; Kelron; GE Generals;
Tue-2 Playoffs 1st Ruff Riders beats 2nd InvAsian to win Tue-2 division!
Tue-2 Final Standings:
Ruff Riders; InvAsian; Tigers; Bandits; Platoon; Smackin Pitches;
Tue-3 Playoffs 3rd Ashley Schaeffer takes two close games from 1st Isotopes to win Tue-3 division!
Tue-3 Final Standings:
Ashley Schaeffer; Isotopes; Where My Pitches At (Priszm); Scallywag Sluggers; A-Rod in my Pujols; Baseheads; Talent; ASU Sun Devils;
Tue-Rec-1 Playoffs 5th Booze Jays beats 6th Inferno to win the Tue-Rec-1 division!
Tue-Rec-1 Final Standings:
Booze Jays; Inferno; Family Matters; Shake & Bake; Monster Squad; Zwingers;
Tue-Rec-2 Playoffs 5th Sofa Kings beats 3rd Kings to win the Tue-Rec-2 division!
Tue-Rec-2 Final Standings:
Sofa Kings; Kings; Whiteoaks (Smack My Pitch Up); Gilmore (Carlos Azzurri); RK Publishing Balls Deep; Batmen;
Wed-1 Playoffs 1st Slackers beats 6th Ball Busters to win the Wed-1 division!
Wed-1 Final Standings:
Slackers; Ball Busters; BYOB; Hall of Shamers; Team Pitcher; Mayhem; Brewsers-W; River Rats;
Wed-2 Playoffs 2nd TNT beats 4th Assassins to win the Wed-2 division!
Wed-2 Final Standings:
TNT; Assassins; Olde Skool Pirates (Hammers); Chicks & Dicks; New Jack Swingers; Vandelay;
Wed-3 Playoffs 1st Huskies wins the Wed-3 division!
Wed-3 Final Standings:
Huskies; Kubs; Mixed Balls; Bat Blazers; Fun Cools; Hardballs;
Wed-Rec-1 Playoffs 4th Master Batters beats 3rd Last Call to win the Wed-Rec-1 division!
Wed-Rec-1 Final Standings:
Master Batters; Last Call; BDO Ballbreakers; Mars; Electric Mayhem; Big Ballers; Balls & Dolls; Pleasure Pack;
Wed-Rec-2 Playoffs 2nd Reservoir Dogs beat 4th Replacements in 3 games to win Wed-Rec-2 division!
Wed-Rec-2 Final Standings: Reservoir Dogs; Replacements; Eh Team (427); Ballerz; Toronto Brew Jays; Redhawks; Ari Overdrive;
Thu-1 Playoffs 3rd Perfect Strangers beats 4th St. Louis Clippers to win Thu-1 division!
Thu-1 Final Standings:
Perfect Strangers; St. Louis Clippers; Draft Dodgers; Dragons;
Thu-2 Playoffs 5th Brickyard Big Mouths beats 7th Sauga Bulldogs to win the Thu-2 division!
Thu-2 Final Standings:
Brickyard Big Mouths; Sauga Bulldogs; Clover Bellies; Bats; Misfits; Da Villains; Heres To Grizz; I'd Hit That;
Thu-3 Playoffs 8th Lone Rangers over 2nd Bayside Tigers in two close games to win Thu-3 division!
Thu-3 Final Standings:
Lone Rangers; Bayside Tigers; Cash Money; Loose Balls; Twist Offs; Dodgers; Prophix Piranhas; Gamecocks;
Thu-R Playoffs 1st Alcoholics beats 3rd Coby Crushers to win the Thu-Rec division!
Thu-Rec Final Standings:
Alcoholics; Coby Crushers; Underachievers; Brewsers-Th; Invasian-Th; Spartans; Indians; Wally's Grill;
Fri-Rec Playoffs 1st Dingbats beats 2nd Ball Stars to win Fri-Rec division!
Fri-Rec Final Standings:
Dingbats; Ball Stars; Motojuggs; Green Machine;

RSPA 2011 Team Photos
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