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GTA slo-pitch
SloPitch1.com is a directory of slo-pitch leagues, teams and tournaments in the greater Toronto /Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, Canada including: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Niagara Falls, etc. with maps to all softball diamonds in the GTA; Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton; from Ajax to the Falls!

Slo-pitch, slow pitch or softball, no matter how you spell it, it's a great game!


Looking forward to
a great 2019 season!

RSPA 2019 Summer Slo-Pitch Tournaments

SPN Provincial & National Qualifiers
First place hoodies! 2nd place Dri-Fits*

May 4-5, June 8-9, July 6-7, July 20-21,
August 17-18, Sept 14-15, Sept 28-29, 2019

Coed (6M-4F) D, E, F • Mens D, E
Mens Masters 35+ and 50+ for May 4-5 & July 20-21.

Guaranteed 4 scheduled games (except Coed F).
Etobicoke-Mississauga - Headquarters: Irish Shebeen Pub
5555 Eglinton Ave. W., Etobicoke ON M9C 5M1 — map
Entry Fee $350.00
Tournament Flyer       Entry Form       Tournament F.A.Q.
Randy Warren — e-mail preferred: accent@slopitch1.com • Cell 416-930-6124

• Team Rep Appreciation Gift & Team Appreciation Draw •
• Team Draws • Free Pitcher • Karaoke Party!

Largest Coed Slo-Pitch Tournament
SPN CanAm Tournament

SPN Memorial Day Can Am Tournament

May 25-26, Patrick Cummings Park, Niagara Falls

DIVISIONS: Coed C/D/E, Mens C/D/E, Womens C/D/E, Mens 35 Comp/C/D/E, Mens 50 Comp/Intermediate/Rec, Womens 35 Comp/C/D/E
***NEW*** International Police Division, ***NEW*** International Fire Division

• All Teams Guaranteed 4 scheduled games • Prizing to top 4 in each division
• Entry - $400 CAD • Deadline for entries is Friday May 17th, 2019
9000 Sodom Road, Niagara Falls ON L2E 6S6, - map
Contact Wayne Barr email

SPN Provincial Championships Mens 60+ Added Sept 20-21-22

Updated May 3, 2019
• New for 2019 – Ontario Provincial Championships Week #3, September 20-21-22, ADDED Mens Seniors 60+ Event! ⚾⚾⚾
• Niagara Falls, Patrick Cummings Sports Complex, and will be featured on Diamonds 1-4 at Patrick Cummings.
• Teams will be welcomed on Friday evening, with their first tournament game being played after 5pm!
• Players are allowed to participate in both the Mens 50+ or Mens 35+ on September 6-7-8 and 60+ on September 20-21-22.
• Players just need to turn 60 by December 31st.
• 60’s teams do not need to qualify for this event – simply register online for the tournament at www.slo-pitch.com
• Players who played in the +35 or +50 events are welcome to participate on a 60 team a 2nd time! !
• For more info: SPN Provincial Championships.
SPN Provincial Championships 2019

SPN Provincial Championship dates/sites for 2019

SPN Provincial Championship dates/sites for 2019.
Coed now in GTA in Brampton. Now offering Coed F for 2019. Mens Masters now in September.
Aug 31-Sept 2: Coed Comp, Coed C, Coed D, Coed E, Coed F* (new for 2019/must be registered league team).
September 6-7-8: Masters Mens 35 Comp, 35C, 35D, 35E • Mens 50 Comp, 50IM, 50E, 60E (new for 2019)
• Womens 35 Comp, 35IM, 35E.
September 13-14-15: Mens C, Mens D • Womens D, Womens E.
Sept 20-21-22: Mens A, Mens B, Mens E • Womens A, Womens B, Womens C. • Added Mens 60+
This is not an official Slo-Pitch National web page. Slo-Pitch National web site - click here

SPN National Championship sites for 2020

Updated November 9, 2018
SPN National Championship sites announced for 2020. Brampton gets Coed and Mens & Womens Masters.
This is not an official Slo-Pitch National web page. Slo-Pitch National web site - click here

SPN National Championships

Mens A Orillia, ON
Mens B Brampton, ON
Mens C Calgary, AB
Mens D Winnipeg, MB
Mens E Calgary, AB
Mens 35 Comp Calgary, AB
Mens 35 C Brampton, ON
Mens 35 D Brampton, ON
Mens 35 E Winnipeg, MB

Mens 50 A Brampton, ON
Men 50 IM Brampton, ON
Mens 50 E Brampton, ON
Mens 60 Calgary, AB
Womens A Orillia, ON
Womens B Calgary, AB
Womens C Winnipeg, MB
Womens D Calgary, AB
Womens E Winnipeg, MB

Womens 35 Brampton, ON
Coed Comp Brampton, ON
Coed C Brampton, ON
Coed D Brampton, ON
Coed E Brampton, ON
Coed Comp SS Kelowna, BC
Coed C SS Kelowna, BC
Coed D SS Kelowna, BC
Coed E SS Kelowna, BC

RSPA Slo-Pitch Last Bash Summer Tournament September 22-23

Yolowarmers partied
What a great weekend! 91 teams even going against the NSA Provincials and a bunch of league playoff weekends. Scrambling for parks, scrambling for umpires. Even had two umpires fly in on Westjet from Edmonton to umpire for the weekend. Thanks Dennis and Jeff! A couple of great guys!
• Scallywags beat Assassins to win Coed D with Yolowarmers and Pich Slap (Tux) in 3rd and 4th.
- Yolowarmers may have partied too much - see photos and videos posted below.
• Bang Bang beat Massive Hits to win Coed E1 with Unathletics and Moneyballers in 3rd and 4th.
• Bats n Mitts beat Hit or Swiss to win Coed E2 with Last Call and Superior Interiors in 3rd and 4th.
• Chicks n Dicks beat Ace of Bastoni to win Coed F1 with Unnecessary and Crazy Pitches in 3rd/4th.
• Brew Jays-2 beat Brew Jays-3 to win Coed F2 with Designated Drinkers-1, Wheat Kings 3/4.
• Barflys beat 6ix Crew to win Coed F3 with Trash Pandas and Pay2Day in 3rd and 4th.
• Bunch of Bums finally won by beating Multiple Scoregasms to win Mens E.
- Team Makina playing mens set a new record by going 0-4 with a plus-minus of -22.
• Trevor Fuchs from Unnecessary won the bat draw and nobody claimed the bat bag.
Looking forward to the 2019 summer tournaments - May 4-5, June 8-9, July 6-7, July 20-21, Aug 17-18, Sept 14-15, Sept 28-29.

Looking forward to the 2019 summer tournaments - May 4-5, June 8-9, July 6-7, July 20-21, Aug 17-18, Sept 14-15, Sept 28-29.
Contact: Randy Warren — e-mail preferred: accent@slopitch1.com • Cell 416-930-6124

SPN Bat Rules in Effect

Updated December 11, 2017
Slo-Pitch National recognizes and accepts ONLY the USSSA authorized bats
for use in the SPN program. -- www.usssa.com
All SPN approved bats must carry the USSSA stamp for use in the SPN Program.
Note: Local leagues have the ability to set their own bat policies.
Note: This rule is NOT in effect for RSPA Coed Slo-Pitch.
SPN 2018 Rulebook available online. (SPN 2019 Rulebook coming soon).
asa usssa
blue line

RSPA Recreational Slo-Pitch Association
is a non-profit, recreational, coed (7M-3F) slo-pitch league for adults (16+/18+) in the Mississauga and west Toronto/Etobicoke area. RSPA is in its 35th year and is the largest coed league in the GTA with 190 teams in 26 divisions for 2017 and ALL the teams make the playoffs! RSPA offers the most coed divisions of any league, with divisions in "Comp", several different levels of "E", Coed "F" and a "Corporate/Fun" division for corporate teams. We are SPN affiliated, fully insured and use SPN carded umpires. A great league, with lots of other activites — Volleyball Night; All-Star Night with home run, base running and other contests and FREE barbecue, and the BEST banquet in town!
Looking for new teams and new players for 2018! - - www.slopitch1.com/rspa/

RSPA Slo-Pitch Tournaments

May 5-6, June 9-10, July 7-8,
August 18-19, Sept 22-23, 2018

Coed (6M-4F) D, E, F; Mens D, E
Mens 35+, 50+ for May 5-6 only.

SPN National & Provincial Qualifiers
Flyer       Entry Form       F.A.Q.
Map of all GTA
Slo-Pitch Parks and Diamonds

Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton, Scarborough, Markham, Niagara Falls, Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Georgetown, Tottenham, Barrie, etc.
GTA Park Maps
Updated February 9, 2016
SPN Toronto area slo-pitch tournaments

SPN Toronto area slo-pitch tournament list.
Provincial Championship dates.
National Championship sites.
Toronto area slo-pitch tournaments
What's New With SPN
- 2018 SPN Rule changes.
- 2018/19 National Championship sites
- SPN Ontario 175 foot rule.
- Coming soon ...
- 2018 Tournament Awards.
- Can-Am Niagara Tournament.
What's New With SPN
Updated January 2, 2018
Home Run Sports

All your sporting needs.
1855 Dundas St East, Unit 15-16, Mississauga, ON L4X 1M1
CSPL Centennial Slo-Pitch

Mens & Coed
All levels of slo-pitch
Diamond Beach Sports

575 Centennial Park Blvd, Etobicoke M9C 4V1 - map
Slo-Pitch Headquarters
Batting Cages, Volleyball Courts, etc.
Mississauga Ladies Slo-Pitch

Ladies Slo-Pitch League
Womens E, Womens D
Irish Shebeen Pub

5555 Eglinton Avenue West,
Etobicoke ON M9C 5M1
(south side at Satellite Drive;
Etobicoke-Mississauga border)
Irish Shebeen map
Danny Lewicki web site
Check out his book - "From the Coal Docks to the NHL", the story of hockey life in Northern Ontario; Bantam, Midget and Junior; Toronto Marlboros; Toronto Maple Leafs; winning the Stanley Cup; the failed first Players' Association and life in the NHL.
Slo-Pitch National

Official Slo-Pitch National web site.