RSPA 2018 Schedule & Results

Updated January 3, 2018
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RSPA Rain-Out Policy

Unless otherwise informed, all teams must show up "rain or shine".
Only the umpire can call the game at the diamond.
DO NOT call, email or text to see if the game will be played!
In EXTREME situations teams will be e-mailed by 3:00 pm
to cancel games and info will be posted on the web site.

Week 01: May 2-3-4

Updated April 29, 2018. Scores updated May 2, 2018.
Day   Date  Park Time Visitors   W/L    Home   W/L    Score Umpire
Wed May 2   Fleetwood 6:30 team spacer team spacer

RSPA 2018 Schedule Dates with No Games

Day   Date   Park  No Games  Description
Friday May 18  All Parks  Games optional Victoria Day Long Weekend
Monday May 21 All Parks Games optional Victoria Day Long Weekend
Friday June 29 All Parks Games optional Canada Day Long Weekend
Monday July 2 All Parks Games optional Canada Day Long Weekend
Friday July 20 All Parks No Games RSPA All-Star Night & BBQ
Friday Aug 3 All Parks No Games Civic Holiday Long Weekend
Monday Aug 6 All Parks Games optional Civic Holiday Long Weekend
Friday Aug 10 All Parks No Games RSPA Volleyball Night
Friday Aug 24 SPN Mens Masters Provincial Championships: please advise if your team needs Friday off.
Friday Aug 31 All Parks No Games Labour Day Long Weekend
Mon Sept 3 All Parks Games optional Labour Day Long Weekend
Friday Sept 7 SPN Mens E Provincial Championships: please advise if your team needs Friday off.
Friday Sept 14 SPN Mens D Provincial Championships: please advise if your team needs Friday off.

RSPA Parks List - Alphabetical List of Parks

RSPA Team Park/Night Preference Request Form - PDF
Park AB Area Address / Comments
Allison Park ALL Mississauga Central Rathburn Road East, south side, at Westminster Place, two blocks east of Cawthra Road, north of Burnhamthorpe; unlit; early games 6:30 only.
Birchwood Park BW Mississauga South-West Clarkson Road, east side, just north of Lakeshore Road West, west of Mississauga Road; Thursday; lit; late games only.
Park #2
BY Mississauga South 3061 Clayhill Road; east of Mavis Road; north of Dundas Street West; fenced; lit; Tuesday nights.
Park 1, 2, 3
CP Etobicoke West 256 Centennial Park Rd M9C 5N3, north of Rathburn, west of Renforth; 3 lit diamonds; Diamond #1 (main diamond) is north, closest to the arena; #2 is far diamond, south-west; #3 is south-east, closest to parking lot. Centennial Park #4 & #5 are known as Diamond Beach (Friday nights).
Century City
CC Mississauga Central 933 Focal Road at Terry Fox Drive, east side, north off of Eglinton, west of Mavis Road; unlit.
Diamond Beach #1, #2 DB Etobicoke West 575 Centennial Park Blvd., Etobicoke Ontario M9C 4V1 (beside Mini Indy); one block west of Centennial Park and Centennial Park Drive, two blocks west of Renforth, north off of Rathburn, south of Eglinton; lit; two diamonds, (Centennial Park #4 & #5).
DUN Mississauga North Kennedy Road, west side, north of Hwy 401; lit; diamond #1 is close diamond, to the left; diamond #2 is the far diamond to the left; diamond #4 is diamond on the right, next to the parking lot; diamond #3 is the far diamond, past diamond #4; fenced; lit.
Eastgate Park EAS Mississauga East 320 Nahani Way; south off of Bristol Road, west of Kennedy Road, north of Eglinton; Mississauga; unlit.
FW Mississauga East Burnhamthorpe Road, south side; west of Mill Road, east of Dixie; softball diamond at the front; lit.
Forest Glen
FGL Mississauga East Forest Glen Park is located at Glen Forest Secondary School, 3575 Fieldgate Drive, Mississauga, ON L4X 1V5 East side of Fieldgate Drive, south off of Burnhamthorpe Road, or north of Bloor Street; one unlit diamond, unfenced; Park not available for league play.
#1 & #2
GW Mississauga East Burnhamthorpe Road, north side; west of Mill Road, east of Dixie; across from Fleetwood Park;
GW-1: is the small softball diamond at the front; fenced; unlit; Mon-Tue-Wed;
GW-2: is the large hardball diamond back and to the left; fenced; unlit; Wed-Thursday.
Hills Park
HH Mississauga Central Huntington Ridge Drive, north side, take Heritage Hills Blvd. south off of Eglinton Avenue, one block east of McLaughlin Road; unlit; Monday; Wednesday.
Hickory Green Park HIC Mississauga East Behind St. Basil School, 4235 Golden Orchard Drive, Mississauga ON, L4W 3G1; north off of Rathburn Road East, west of Dixie Road, north of Burnhamthorpe; unlit.
HW Etobicoke North-West 850 Humberwood Blvd., Etobicoke M9W 7A6; east side; north off of Rexdale; just east of 427; lit diamond.
#1, #2, #3
KP Mississauga North East side of Dixie Road north of Derry Road; 1/2 back-stop only; unlit, open field, half-backstop; 3 diamonds; Access only from Dixie Road north-bound and exits only to Dixie Road north-bound;
RSPA has diamond #1, north diamond, closest to Dixie Road.
Dobkin Park
DOB Mississauga South Softball diamond (lit, fenced) is at 395 Fairview Road West, ON L5B 3W5, west of Confederation Pkwy.
Max Ward
-N & -S
MX Mississauga North Matheson Blvd, north side, just west of Orbitor Drive, north of Eglinton; west of Renforth; two diamonds; both lit; fenced 315 feet. Diamond #2 is south diamond, closest to Matheson, by the parking lot.
Diamond #1 is far, north diamond - for access to north diamond, park in the parking lot behind 5250 Orbitor Drive (Lakeside Process Controls - big white building), and walk through the walkway in the fence.
MIM Etobicoke South Hillside Avenue, East off Royal York Road, south of QEW, between QEW & Lakeshore;
unlit; Tuesday, Wednesday;
Valley #2
MV Mississauga Central Mississauga Valley Boulevard, west off of Central Parkway; just north of Bloor Street, between Cawthra & Hwy 10; parking lot take the driveway west behind the arena; diamond #1 is the hardball diamond in the center; diamond #2 is lit diamond tpo the east; diamond #3 unlit diamond to the west is no longer there.
Mount Charles 
Park N & S
MC Mississauga North Cardiff Blvd., north side, north off Derry Road, west of Dixie Road;
2 lit diamonds (North and South); fenced; Tuesday.
Novo Star
NS Mississauga North-west Novo Star Drive, south side; east off Mavis Road; one block south of Derry Road; beside/east of St. Veronica Elementary School; unlit.
QN Mississauga West 2625 Erin Centre Boulevard, just west of Erin Mills Parkway, north of Eglinton Avenue;
2 lit, fenced diamonds; one hardball, one softball; Tuesday early only.
Red Brush Park RED Mississauga Central 5139 Red Brush Drive; one block east of Kennedy Road, north of Eglinton; unlit.
River Grove
Park #3
RIV Mississauga West 5800 River Grove #3 Ave, Mississauga, ON L5M 4R8, west side, south off of Britannia Road, between Creditview and Queen Street (Mississauga Road); Monday; lit; diamond #3.
SHP Mississauga South-West Speakman Drive, south of Sheridan Park Drive, west off of Erin Mills Parkway; south of Dundas Street; north of QEW; Wednesday and Thursday, lit; late only.
SF Etobicoke North Martin Grove Road, east side, north of Albion, south of Steeles; 1 lit diamond; lit; Mon-Tue-Thursday.
West Deane
WD Etobicoke Central Martin Grove Road, west side, between Eglinton & Rathburn; 2 diamonds, diamond #1 or L is close, lit diamond; diamond #2 is far, unlit diamond.
#1 & #2
WP Mississauga North 3430 Derry Road East,South-west corner of Derry Road at Goreway (Disco Road); behind Malton Arena; take 427 north to Derry Road, take Derry Road west; 2 lit diamonds, one fenced; Dia #1 is far diamond, lit, unfenced; Dia #2 is close diamond, lit, fenced.
WVL Mississauga North-west Willowvale Gardens, south side; east off Creditview Road; north of Eglinton; unlit; Thursday.

For park maps and complete directions, refer to RSPA Parks & Maps